Alkaloid Networks Top 5 Blog Posts of 2019

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At this time of year, we all look forward to the year ahead. New starts and big goals for a new year. Looking back at the year ending is also we good thing so we can recognize the things we’ve accomplished. Taking a peek at our top blog posts, I was gratified to see that the ones I felt were the most meaningful were also the ones that you, dear readers, found the most helpful and interesting.

The garage where HP was started in Palo Alto, CA.

1. Coworking is the new and improved garage.

When I offered Sunil Vatave of Canopy Workforce Solutions the opportunity to write a guest blog, I was pleasantly surprised when he explained how Alkaloid Networks gave his startup a place to grow and find success.

2. Why Coworking is a Viable Alternative to Mandated Open Floor Plans

After reading the much disputed and controversial article bashing open working, I felt compelled to point out how mandated open floor offices were very much different from coworking spaces.

Happier Coworking at Alkaloid Networks3. How Coworking Cures Loneliness

With many people participating in the gig economy, there is a new wave of loneliness that is entirely unprecedented. Understanding how we greatly benefit from a happiness standpoint, as well as a productivity standpoint, when we move into the landscape of a coworking space is a way to stave off loneliness.

4. Top 7 Reasons for Coworking In 2019

Many savvy business personnel to consider the benefits of working in a coworking space. After asking Alkaloid Networks members their thoughts, here are the top reasons they choose to cowork.

5. How Coworking Mirrors Balance for Better

Lauren Keith had Alkaloid Networks her working home for over three years. During International Woman’s Day, she was moved to explain how coworking is a microcosm for emphasizing #balanceforbetter each day of the year.

  Coworking Trends

Coworking On The Beltline

Find your productivity at the friendliest coworking space on the Beltline.
Leave the house, not the neighborhood.

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