Why Coworking is a Viable Alternative to Mandated Open Floor Plans

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Open Floor Plan

There has been discussion surrounding a mind-opening and controversial article recently published by Inc., which states that the “open floor plan” in offices today is failing miserably. Coworkers are subject to sensory overload, and without having their own personal space or home “base”. Without the ability to have private conversations, they are actually retreating to instant messaging apps and engaging in even less human-to-human contact.

The author concludes by stating that this is one the dumbest fads in recent professional memory. To be honest, I would have to agree!

Let’s discuss why mandated open floor office plans are entirely different from coworking spaces.

Open Floor Office Plans vs. Coworking Spaces

1. No One Forced You to Join a Coworking Space

Employees in office buildings are subject to this lack of transparency without any choice. They aren’t allowed to find a new work space or shift their desk around. They have no control, and that feeling is making this kind of work arrangement that much worse.

In a coworking space, you not only have control over where you sit or what kind of office you want, but you also have control over being there in the first place.

Alkaloid Networks coworking on the Atlanta Beltline2. Coworking Spaces Are Set Up with Home Bases

Coworking facilities are not designed with an open floor office plan that stifles creativity and creates communication issues. Instead, coworking spaces are built around real, working requirements: offices, conference rooms, work areas, desks and comfortable common spaces available to the members. You choose to sit wherever you want, whenever you want, respecting what your mind and body need that day.

3. Coworking Spaces Provide a Personalized Approach

In an office building, you’re just another number in a sea of monotonous work flow. No one cares about what you need specifically. You end up in the greater pool of people that are lumped together and forced to sit in this kind of working arrangement.

With coworking spaces, you are treated like your own personal business entity. This means each space will work with you to ensure you are receiving the tools, resources, and access you need to grow and thrive. Coworking spaces are the exact opposite of that “one-size-fits-all” approach littered throughout the Inc. article.

It’s no secret that people can’t collaborate successfully within a negative culture. You feel like you aren’t able to reset, recharge, and hold conversations without judgment or critique. In that setting, you are going to whither away silently in an isolated space. That is why open floor plans don’t work.

Here at Alkaloid Networks, I take pride in being everything but the corporate one-size-fits-all model. You will be able to play to your strengths and curate a work environment that is conducive to positive production. I promise!

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