7 Things To Celebrate About Coworking

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Alkaloid Networks Celebrates 7th Anniversary

Celebrate Alkaloid’s 7th Anniversary!

We made it through another challenging year with the support of our members and community at Alkaloid! Coworking has been the glue keeping us together—just like it has been for the last seven years! 

Here are seven things we celebrate each and every day at Alkaloid. 

1. A Culture of Creativity

Miles Lee of Pulse Creative

There are tons of ways to be creatively inspired in coworking, simply because you’re surrounded by amazing people. All of our members have a story to share (seriously, go check out some of their stories on our blog). All of them add so much to our community that we’re constantly inspired! 

Alkaloid gives all of its members an opportunity to express creativity through their work, through collaboration with others and by providing a space to actually get work done. 

2. A Space That Inspires 

Alkaloid Networks boasts 14,000 square feet of collaborative fun and professional opportunities. It’s on Atlanta’s BeltLine, which offers members a way to take a break, get some fresh air, or grab a bite to eat. 

The space is built to be flexible. It includes private offices and meeting rooms, along with open and outdoor seating.

Remote workers and small businesses have a variety of work spaces that work for whatever their needs.

3. Professional Support  

Part of why coworking is such an attractive option for remote workers and small business owners is the professional environment. Zoom meetings are great, but sometimes you need options, right? 

“Alkaloid is a great space for hosting candidates for interviews, having business meetings, or meeting colleagues for drinks or a lunch at Krog Street market,” explains one member

Julianna’s Crepes Feeds Alkaloid Community

4. The PERKS!

Is it even coworking if there aren’t perks like free parking and coffee? We boast quite a few amenities here at Alkaloid Networks, including super fast internet, access to outdoor patio space, printing capabilities … even donuts and freshly-made crepes quarterly. 

5. The Antidote to Loneliness 

Working on your own and out of your own space (or living room) has its benefits, but many remote workers and micro-businesses have found the lack of interaction with coworkers or peers to be isolating.

“Work is where many people have the bulk of their social interactions. In a recent survey, 70 percent of employees said friendship at their job is the most important element of a happy work life,” writes Arthur C. Brooks for The Atlantic

Coworking spaces create more opportunities for interaction and connection with others, including like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs like yourself!

6. An Air of Opportunity 

The connections that people at Alkaloid make are super valuable, and these connections help to support the growth of all of our businesses. 

That’s because coworking spaces are built with YOU and your business in mind, and when you join a coworking space you’re surrounded by like-minded folks. 

*Read more tips on how to set your small business up for success.

7. The MEMBERS Alkaloid Networks Members

Last, and definitely not least, Alkaloid’s members are what keep this coworking space alive! Our vibrant, diverse, and creative community of coworkers have helped make Alkaloid what it is today, and after seven years in business, we couldn’t be more grateful! 

Take a look at the space and community and celebrate with us!

Get a FREE Day Pass here. 

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