10 Reasons Remote Workers Love Coworking

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Coworking at Alkaloid Networks

Working remotely continues to increase, if you hadn’t heard. More of today’s employers are looking for better ways to retain talented remote workers and keep their costs down. Coworking is a great solution for remote work. 

The Pew Research Center recently expanded on the results of their recent survey. Whilst most media focussed on the fact that 61% of respondents who are working remotely said they chose not to work from the office in Jan ’22 (in comparison to 64% who said they had no choice due to office closures in Oct ’20).

However, I think two other numbers in the results paint a different picture.

First, 61% of workers who do head into the office attribute the decision to feeling more productive. And secondly, while working from home has made it easier for 64% of workers who’ve switched to remote to balance work and personal life, a whopping 60% noted that WFH had made them feel less connected to coworkers. This speaks strongly about the benefit of near-home coworking.

We talked to our own Alkaloid members to understand how they view this new world of work.

1. Coworking is a great way to get your remote work DONE. 

“For me, getting out of my home and into an ‘office’ is important for my mental health and my ability to do good work,” says one of our Alkaloid members.

Having a separate, dedicated destination to get your work done can help with focus. “I am less interrupted and tend to be able to focus more efficiently than if I am home”.

2. Coworking offers connection. 

Being in a community of coworkers gives members a ton of ways for small businesses and entrepreneurs to find a network and community. Members in a coworking space get the benefit of working around other people. 

It’s in this environment where new ideas are shared and solid connections are made. Some coworking members even find potential business partners or clients in their coworking spaces. 

3. It supports your well-being.

Spaces like Alkaloid prioritize the mental health and well-being of coworking members. Remote workers benefit from that kind of support. “Alkaloid makes it easy because of the amazing coffee, showers, and sitting areas to start my day in a great mindset. The Alkaloid space is in an awesome location, it’s on the Atlanta Beltline and I run/commute into the office every morning and evening.”

4. Coworking supports your schedule. 

No matter what kind of work you do, coworking offers a workspace for focused productivity and business meetings. “Alkaloid is a great space for hosting candidates for interviews, having business meetings, or meeting colleagues for drinks or a lunch at Krog Street market”.

A recent Gallop poll indicated that 59% of employees prefer a hybrid work schedule. Aside from a much reduce commute time, they indicated the need for flexibility in order balance family needs and other obligations.

5. It can save employers on costs. 

Coworking is a great option for remote workers who need a workspace. And it benefits their employers. 

“Coworking spaces can offer similar group working conditions and camaraderie without employers having to take on corporate real estate costs, which makes this a trend we certainly anticipate seeing more of in 2022,” writes Kat Boogard for Wrike

6. Coworking is flexible. 

A great coworking space gives remote workers different ways to work, depending on needs and budget. Alkaloid offers several memberships, whether you need a private office, shared desk, or a business address. 

Learn more about all the ways our members work at Alkaloid. 

7. Coworking is a safe, healthy work environment. Alkaloid Networks Gives 6

The pandemic brought indoor environmental health to the forefront. Many coworking spaces adopted more stringent cleaning protocols and socially distant operations to keep spaces clean and safe for their members. 

Alkaloid Networks follows CDC’s guidelines for a safe workspace. We currently ask our members to wear a mask when inside the building. Alkaloid also offers outdoor seating for members as another perk! 

8. Coworking is more convenient than a coffee shop! 

We love coffee in the world of coworking. For remote workers, a quiet and accessible workspace can’t always be found in a coffeeshop

“It’s so much more convenient than having to bring a computer every day and find a new spot to work, The price is the best in town for what you get and it looks really cool inside. This is perfect for Zoom calls, where everyone compliments me on the awesome space I work in!”

9. It’s the future of work.

Coworking is a great solution for future-focused workspaces. Not just because it’s a great way to work, but because it’s often more sustainable. 

“The development of sustainable coworking spaces is a major trend shaping the coworking spaces market,” according to the Coworking Space Global Market Report. “Coworking spaces are implementing eco-friendly measures in the workplace to attract entrepreneurs concerned with environmental issues such as global warming.” 

10. It’s an option for everyone. 

“We need a wider array of solutions — both inside and outside the office — to support all workers,” says Janet Pogue McLauren for Gensler

Coworking spaces like Alkaloid give remote workers (and their employers) solutions for a more productive, affordable, and healthy way to do business. Whether you need a private office or enjoy working in a community, coworking has got you covered. 

Come see what we’re all about! Get a free day pass here

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