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Alkaloid Networks Members

At Alkaloid Networks, we love the month of April. It’s one we’ll always celebrate with members, because April is our anniversary!

This year, we’re thrilled to be celebrating Alkaloid’s sixth year as a community. To commemorate this achievement, we’re recognizing the word that means the world to us: MEMBERS.

Each and every member of Alkaloid has made it possible for our coworking community to succeed — even during one of the hardest years in our history — so we wanted to talk about all the ways our community members have helped us thrive.

M = Motivation

Staying motivated during last year’s pandemic was a challenge for everyone. Between social distancing and economic hardship, the COVID crisis felt like a huge hill to climb.

Alkaloid members are like sunshine during the rainy season. Being able to come into the space — even while masked up and six feet apart — help us to ward off isolation. Coming into the community space didn’t just keep Alkaloid’s doors open, but kept us healthy and prevented loneliness, which Americans are suffering from at an astounding rate. “Anywhere from one quarter to one half of Americans feel lonely a lot of the time, which puts them at risk for developing a range of physical and mental illnesses, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and depression,” according to Scientific American.

As a community, we were able to weather the hardships of 2020 because of the individual efforts that everyone made to keep things positive (even during dark times).

E = Eclectic

Alkaloid Members Do PodcastsWe’ve got a lot to be thankful for at Alkaloid, and one aspect of this community that stands out is how diverse we are.

Alkaloid Networks is home to many types of small business — everything from graphic design, to chiropractic care, to an entheogenic science nonprofit. The types of businesses that call Alkaloid home, and the individual members here, are what make our community totally unique and successful.

And we have always been home to numerous remote workers. From escaping the four walls at home, to collaborating in small teams, remote employees find the community dynamic and inspiring. And the podcast room a space to express their creativity.

We’re so grateful for all of the differing personalities and mindsets. The differences between us are what make us human and whole … and a family.

M = Management

Part of keeping a coworking space open comes down to community management, and Alkaloid’s founder, Katharine Chestnut, takes that seriously.

Alkaloid members have called Katharine an “anchor in the storm” of last year. Her solidity and work ethic is sparked by her love for the community of Alkaloid Networks. “I love the members and the variety of industries represented at Alkaloid. I’m fascinated by what people do, hearing their stories and watching them succeed. All while knowing I’ve created an opportunity for them here”, says Katharine.

Members Bicycles at Alkaloid B = Bicycles

Yes, we included bicycles in this list on purpose!

The Alkaloid coworking space includes perks for members, including indoor bicycle parking. And because our building is right on the Atlanta Beltline, it makes Alkaloid great for urban commuting. All while enjoying the outdoors and the city of Atlanta.

You can read more about Alkaloid’s commitment to sustainable practices and support of other local businesses and communities.

E = Events

A coworking community is only as strong as the connections between members, and we know that events are a great way to encourage that. From virtual work sessions to monthly social events, Alkaloid hosts a number of activities and provides opportunities for members to gather safely together.

Alkaloid partnered with virtual campus Un.Inc in 2020 to provide curated educational sessions which include a quarterly cohort. It’s all included with membership and designed to help members push to the next level of whatever they are doing.

Events are a great way to get to know other coworkers and can create opportunities that are mutually beneficial. Alkaloid also offers space for coworking members to host their own small events and networking sessions, including an outdoor patio if you want some fresh air.

R = Reliable

Having a community you can count on helps small business and freelancers flourish. Many small businesses have grown while members at Alkaloid. Some outgrow the community, while others like Matt, have been here 5 years. “My business grew over time and, with the different membership options at Alkaloid, I was able to find those that fit within my budget. Alkaloid is homey while being professional at the same time”, Matt shares.

A big part of what makes Alkaloid such a great space is the dedication to the members. Whether members need a room to host a work meeting or fast internet for a Zoom call, Alkaloid is committed to reliable and steadfast service within our community.

S = Six Years

See why we’ve been a haven for small businesses for six years now and why we were named one of Atlanta’s Top 7 coworking spaces — stop by for a free day of coworking and learn more about what makes Alkaloid Networks such a success.

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