3 Small Business Strategies to Motivate Remote Workers

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How much of your business strategy is dedicated to your employees and their happiness at work? With much of the globe still working from home, we need WFH alternatives now.

The way we work has obviously changed in the last few years and not just because of quarantine orders. There has been a serious shift in how our work environments look. New technologies and remote teams have made the traditional office setting and schedule a thing of the past.

More businesses have adopted a work-from-home policy since the pandemic hit. Many employers are discovering that their teams prefer a more flexible work schedule and environment.

But working at home, especially if you live with other humans, comes with a few challenges. (Have you tried having a Zoom meeting with toddlers nearby?) Coworking offers employers and their remote workers better alternatives to working from home.

WFH Alternatives for Your Remote Workers

To meet the needs of today’s changing workforce, a growing number of companies have replaced the old idea of “the office”. Employer-sponsored coworking as one of these WFH alternatives.

“An array of mature companies and industries — including academia, nonprofits, and media — are tapping into this phenomenon. They are reaping the benefits long heralded by tech startups: shorter leases, just-in-time space, reduced overhead costs, shared infrastructure, and access to a network of diverse, creative thinkers,” writes Kendra Mayfield with Gensler.

What many businesses, large and small, have found, is that coworking just works.

Employer-sponsored coworking provides solutions to several issues that remote workers and their employers face in today’s work culture.

A solution for loneliness

WFH Alternatives Coworking During COVIDSince the rise of the pandemic, many businesses have adopted a work-from-home policy. Their employees stay safe and don’t have to come into the office. That flexibility is nice, but the reality is that working from home makes a lot of us pretty miserable.

CNBC reported recently how the shift to remote work has only made things harder for employees who were already feeling lonely. Working from home isn’t a long-term solution … not if you’re human, at least.

Employer-sponsored coworking, however, could be one of the ideal WFH alternatives.

Coworking gives your team members a workspace that isn’t the kitchen table. All while allowing for more human interaction for employees who need some connection. Better than going to a coffeeshop: coworking spaces like Alkaloid Networks have adopted strict social distancing and cleanliness measures to keep members safe.

A solution for real estate costs

Instead of paying a lease on office space, many businesses find that coworking reduces the overhead of real estate expenses — sometimes by more than 15%!

Employer-sponsored coworking offers your team a vibrant and productivity-focused workspace. Businesses don’t have to worry about paying for a long-term lease. And the benefits go beyond saving your budget. From free coffee to networking events, coworking spaces give your employees a number of perks to help them focus and flourish in their jobs.

Many coworking spaces also offer memberships at other coworking locations through an alliance or network. These additional perks can accommodate employees who might need to travel or work off-site.

A solution for employee retention

According to the Harvard Business Review, today’s workers are leaving their jobs at an astounding rate. They’re just not getting what they need from their employers, whether that’s more learning opportunities or on-the-job training. “Nearly one-third of that turnover was attributed to unsupportive management and a lack of development opportunities,” according to HBR.

But coworking communities give their members a space for learning and growth potential, just by providing the space to connect with a diverse group of people. “You’ll fit in if you are intrinsically motivated and enjoy interacting with people,” says Alkaloid Networks member, Alaine Totten. “I’ve also been fortunate in that my boss appreciated how much more productive I would be in a coworking space and pays for my membership.”

Coworking members can always work independently, but many coworkers find tons of opportunity for collaboration, mentoring, and networking in their coworking communities. When businesses give that kind of opportunity to their employees, they’re more likely to keep those team members happy (and on the team) for the long haul.

Set Your Remote Workers Up For Success

Your employees need opportunities to thrive in their job. They need ways to connect with other people. And they need a workspace that helps them focus on the task at hand.

Working from home might have its perks, but many of us are finding that we need a better way to separate work and home. Not everyone enjoys working in their pajamas, and it helps to connect with other humans who know what you’re going through.

Instead of finding an office space (with a pricey long-term lease), consider this: coworking gives your team members a place to get work done, resources to help them thrive in their job, and a community that supports them while they’re working.

Make coworking part of your business strategy this year. Reach out to us at Alkaloid Networks, and we’ll work with you to find a WFH alternatives that works for your team.

Want to learn more? Check out our flexible pricing and membership options here.

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