Small Teams & Atlanta Coworking: A Match Made in Collaboration Heaven

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Atlanta Coworking Small Team

COVID-19 has undoubtedly changed how we work. Companies are experimenting with remote models and staggered office hours. Flexible office arrangements and the creation of distributed small teams are also part of the equation.

However, the shift to remote work (and never-ending Zoom calls) has led many companies to realize that there is still a real benefit to people working together in a physical office space. These benefits are especially apparent for small teams that rely on collaborative work dynamics.

For small teams looking to return to an office, coworking spaces offer the flexible setup and terms that makes it possible to start sharing an office again.

Benefits of a small team office

Research and case studies have demonstrated how small teams tend to be more effective, efficient, and productive than larger teams. A small team office brings a few key strengths:

Increased engagement

Research has shown that individual effort decreases as team size increases. It is easy for an individual to hide within a large group. But for small teams, the group size naturally encourages more participation from individual employees. This leads to greater engagement across the entire team.

More effective communication (and more productive meetings!)

Ever been in a large group trying to quickly decide where to have dinner? We all know that large groups can get weighed down in meandering, unfocused discussions. In small teams, everyone’s voices can be heard. This means more direct communication and less noisy back-and-forth.

Small Teams with Coworking FlexibilityMore innovation

Many large organizations face problems with groupthink. Critical thinking or differing opinions are often stifled under sprawling bureaucratic channels. Small teams, on the other hand, tend to be more nimble and adaptable. With fewer moving pieces, small teams can operate more efficiently and pursue new ideas quickly.

Stronger collaboration and support networks

Small teams have the opportunity to foster strong social connections within the group. Healthy relationships between employees leads to camaraderie and a positive workplace culture.

Benefits of coworking spaces for small teams

Make the most out of the benefits of small teams. Spaces like coworking offices can be a great place to start. Coworking spaces for small teams provide a number of benefits:

Flexibility as your team grows

Much of the commercial real estate world prefers to cater to “the big guys”. They pursue large companies that rent large office spaces. For small teams, it can be difficult to find a space that suits your needs. Whether you are maintaining your size or growing at a breakneck speed, it is difficult to predict what your team or company will need in six months, let alone in two to five years.

Fortunately, coworking spaces are well-suited for small teams. Coworking spaces come with flexible membership terms and options to upgrade your space as your team or company grows. Coworking offices also tend to come with smaller deposits and many amenities included. This allows you to start your office space with less capital (something Alkaloid members recognize and appreciate).

Professional environment

Work From Home Alone in the KitchenWe’re not saying your dining room table isn’t professional, but at a certain point, there are good reasons to upgrade. Moving to a coworking space can provide a professional environment for your small team. The professional space can also provide structure that helps employees stay productive and focused.

Vibrant community increases motivation and inspires ideas

Finally, at the end of the day, a coworking space is a community of individuals. By working in a coworking space, you are naturally exposed to other ideas and industries. Coworking = diversity along with plenty of opportunities to learn and share with other entrepreneurs.

Why choose Alkaloid Networks for your small team?

Alkaloid Networks offers all of these benefits and more to small teams, including:

  • Flexible agreements with monthly and annual options
  • Private office memberships are NOT limited to a certain number of people
  • All amenities are included such as conference rooms usage, plenty of free parking, along with loads of other perks
  • Offices are available at affordable pricing for small teams (learn more about our membership options here)

Ready to see what a coworking space can do for your small team?
Tour the variety of offices available at the friendliest community on the Atlanta Beltline!

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