6 Reasons Atlantans Need a Shared Office

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A shared office in a coworking space has become more important than ever for remote workers, entrepreneurs businesses of all sizes. The pandemic changed our working culture, quickly shifting work away from the traditional office structure. Many companies have realized that, despite this shift, sometimes having a physical office space is still essential.

Whether you are just starting up, downsizing or closing your former office space, having a place to call your office — when you need it — has significant benefits. Maybe you’ve been furloughed or had hours cut and you’re starting your own business. Perhaps you are still full-time from home and your company has switched to a mixed remote work model.

With companies large and small moving from physical offices to Work-From-Home, shared offices have become a useful tool in this new era.

Here are six reasons to have a shared office in Atlanta:

COVID Safe Coworking1. Be Professional, When You Need It

Meetings and events have moved online, mostly. Businesses still need to meet with clients and colleagues in-person on occasion. A shared office provides that physical space with a professional atmosphere.

A shared office also provides space for periodically meeting in person with your team, even if the team is working remotely day-to-day. Having reliable access to conference rooms for quarterly meetings lends more credibility with your team.

A shared office provides the amenities that are infinitely more dependable than an alternative like a coffee shop or restaurant. A coworking space will have (reliable!) office wifi, as well as presentation and meeting technology. A shared office can also provides the refreshments, tools like dry erase boards, and comfortable chairs that make meetings both enjoyable and productive.

Many coworking spaces offer day passes or conference room usage when you need it. At Alkaloid Networks for instance, unlimited conference room usage is included with all memberships.

2. Save Money

Because a shared office is around only when you need it, it doesn’t come with #allthecosts that a regular office does. Fixed costs for a full-time office, like rent, utilities, and furniture, can weigh down a business. However, no matter what membership level you choose for a shared office, the overhead will be a fraction of the cost of maintaining a dedicated physical office.

3. Remain Flexible

It’s more important than ever to have flexibility in your business, especially when it comes to your overhead. This allows your business to grow with a longer runway (check out how Canopy used this coworking flexibility to grow their business).

If you use an office infrequently, and you don’t want the hassle of reserving a day office every time, start with a small membership. Memberships at Alkaloid Networks start at just $35 a month. The variety of memberships allow you to find what level fits your business needs. With this flexibility, you can simply come in when you need to, get seated, and get to work.

4. Leverage a Commercial Business Presence

It’s become the norm to see someone’s home in the background of a Zoom call. However, when it comes to finally meeting clients in person, a shared office provides the most trustworthy option for a physical meeting. Clients will have more confidence in a physical location that is not your home. Spaces that are part of the Atlanta Coworking Alliance like Alkaloid Networks, have pledged to take safety precautions for the good of our greater community.

Additionally, using a registered business address for your business can help protect your privacy (and home address). For anyone who lives in the ‘burbs, having an in-town Atlanta address can also improve your SEO rankings. The address helps you appear in city searches and having a unique business address is generally ranked higher by search engines.

5. Rely on Shared Office Services

When you’re running a business, there are tons of small tasks that can distract you from focusing on your business. With a shared office, you are able to save time and energy with someone else taking care of the office services. Let someone else handle cleaning services and ordering coffee. There’s also someone to receive your inbound mail and packages, every day, whether you’re in the office or not.

6. Grow with Unlimited Business & Community Support

COVID Friendly Community

Finally, for shared offices, even when you aren’t in the physical space, you are still part of a community of businesses and entrepreneurs.

At Alkaloid, we have an active online and in-person community. You have access to other businesses and the support that comes with that. The wide variety of industries represented here make it easy to expand your network. You’ll always find someone who can assist you with a business problem, provide inspiration or share knowledge.

A shared office provides the mix of flexibility and professionalism that is needed for our rapidly-changing work culture.

Interested in using a shared office for your business or productivity?
Check out the Alkaloid Networks membership options today.

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