Create Better Local SEO w/ Google My Business

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Better SEO with Google My Business

Looking for better local SEO?
Google Adwords are good but can be tricky given your competition and price per keyword. Google My Business is a free tool that plays a great role in local SEO search especially for brick and motor businesses.

Google My Business Statistics

  • Detailed and completed GMB listings are 2X more likely to be trusted
  • Adding photos to your GMB regularly will drive:
  • 42% more direction requests
  • 35% more clicks
  • 72% of consumers that do a LOCAL search visit a location within 5 miles
  • 50% of LOCAL searches lead to a visit within 1 day
  • 78% of LOCAL search on mobile phones result in a purchase
  • 51% of phone users discover a new company or product
  • More searches take place on mobile phones than computers

Your Google My Business Listing

  • Provide ALL relevant business information
    • Operating hours
    • Contact details, etc.
    • Don’t leave anything out.
  • Ensure all content is accurate and grammatically correct
  • Check your listing is verified once you sign up
    • This usually arrives via email with in 5-14 days
    • Your unique suite address with every membership at Alkaloid ensures your listing
  • Offer reliable and detailed descriptions of services you offer.
  • Include relevant keywords and phrases.
  • Keep your information up-to-date
    • Especially if there are changes, such as temporary closing, holidays, etc.
    • Google is doing a good job of reminding you to update.
  • Attach photos related to your businessGoogle My Business Photo Gallery
    • According to Google, businesses using photos on their listing receive 35% more click-throughs to the website
    • Show your products/services in use as well as without people
    • Have the photos reflect the energy of your brand
  • Respond to reviews
    • This is a BIG part of the Google algorithm
    • Ask people to leave reviews.
    • Responding to reviews, both good and bad, will impact the way current and future customers react to your business
    • This will improve your visibility in organic search results

Google My Business Post SampleGoogle My Business Posts and Much More

  • Posts
    This is where you will earn a competitive advantage
  • Offers
    Offer some of the best results in engagement
  • Updates
    Photos and videos (videos get the best results – 30 secs max)
  • Events
    Post as much in advance as possible
  • Products
    Show the best parts of your offerings

In summary

  • Post as much as possible
  • Leverage Photos and Videos
  • Respond to All Reviews (good and bad)

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