Coworking Spaces Help Anyone Improve Summer Productivity

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Coworking Improves Summer Productivity

Given that it is the Summer Solstice, summer is officially in full swing, which means you’re probably tempted to walk the Beltline, eat lunch outside at Ladybird, and do just about everything you can to avoid sitting inside. I know I’ve tried to convince myself many times that I’ll work while sitting next to the pool. It’s hard to remain your productivity when the sun is shining and positivity is radiating through the air, especially in regions where summer is not a year-long reality.

Not to mention, summer just comes with a laid back attitude that is simply infectious. If you work from home, as any solopreneur, freelancer or digital nomad knows, it’s especially hard to fight off this feeling of lethargy.

Sources that can cause a loss in productivity:

• Your job doesn’t requires you to show up at 9am, or else
• Social media can suck away time since you have no boss, developing that feeling of FOMO
• No one will stop you from walking to a pool or lake
• You can take a “lunch” for as long as you want (maybe even with a cold brew), which seems tempting when it’s a beautiful 80+ degrees outside and sunny

Even if you have a FT job, you may work remotely or many times summertime Fridays are work-from-home day (which is a really bad idea, believe me). It can be incredibly tempting to say you’ll make up the work soon.

Sure, some pools and places have WiFi (I know mine does), which means you can work there, right? However, when was the last time your productivity was good at a pool? Don’t worry, I can’t do it either.

Then that feeling of work-procrastination guilt sets in. When you are a solopreneur or freelancer, you own a business. Even when you work remotely (even if only on Fridays), you are ultimately responsible for your income, or lack thereof. Therefore, when you are “relaxing” for a few hours, you feel guilty about it. Somehow we all know that we will never be caught up at work – it’s actually impossible. It’s perfectly fine to let yourself soak up some sun every now and then.

How can you balance everything together, ensuring you enjoy a guilt-free summertime also remaining productive? That’s where coworking spaces come into the picture.

Why You Need a Coworking Headquarters This Summer

None of us are immune to cold lemonade, poolside chaises, and care-free summer nights. To love summer is to be human. That’s why a coworking space can help you remain disciplined when it’s time to get down to business. A coworking space can provide you with the following:

• A work space that is not your home (that contains all the distractions)
• A space filled with other people working, which will motivate you to work
• Peers that will keep you motivated despite the sunshine
• Resources that will keep you connected during summer months
• A separation between work and play that helps you feel guilt-free when you walk out the door

Here at Alkaloid Networks, it’s my job to support all my members. I know all too well how tempting the outdoors can appear right now, which is why I recommend shifting your work space from your outdoor patio to my coworking location (which also has a lovely covered patio), where you can remain focused, connected with high productivity at all times.

Best of all, I know we can all feel just as accomplished and reward ourselves when it’s time to finally close up the laptop and go sit by the pool.

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