Digital Nomad Work: Home, Coffee Shops or Coworking

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According to a recent study by Small Business Labs and MBO Partners, digital nomads are a rising trend and have entered the mainstream.  One of the most critical decisions facing the digital nomad (once you figure out how), is where to get down with the important work at-hand. All of us want to work from bed, but is that actually a motivating setting day after day? However, the chit chat that goes on in public spaces can potentially slow down our productivity if we get caught up in conversations; but, these places come with motivating sights, scenes, and smells.

So what option is best for you? We’re going to break down the pros and cons of working from home, from coffee shops, and from coworking spaces.

Working from Home

Bunny SlippersPROS:

  • You can immediately get right to work when you wake up, not having to waste time with transportation
  • You will save significant funds that would have been spent on your working space
  • You have total control over what kind of “office” you want and what most closely aligns with your work style


  • You can lack motivation to work hard and push yourself farther when you exist in isolation
  • The comfort of home can be confusing when trying to be professional
  • You can mix work and play frequently, stifling your business expansion possibilities

Working from Coffee Shops


  • Our brains need a change of scenery to gain back new momentum and inspiration on a daily basis
  • Low-grade white noise in the form of soft chatter can actually provide a soft surround sound that makes it easier for you to focus
  • You can collaborate with individuals nearby and invite partners to come meet you for coffee



  • There can be that one person who does not respect the noise restrictions, screaming on their cellphone or at their kids nearby
  • Then there is the barista and customer noise in the background of your Zoom call, making your level of professionalism drop by the second
  • Coffee shops attract a pretentious crowd, which means it can seem intimidating and unwelcoming
  • You have to travel to get to the coffee shop, unless it is strategically close to your home
  • The expense: I don’t know about you but I feel guilty if I sit there too long without buying something. It adds up quickly.

Working at Coworking Spaces



  • As coworking gets more popular, coworking spaces are becoming extremely expensive although Alkaloid works to keep costs as low as possible to make coworking within reach of everyone
  • Unlike Alkaloid, many coworking spaces can be too loud with music and potentially rowdy to really focus on detailed projects
  • Some coworking spaces today have “rules” businesses need to follow, which can thwart the overall creative process

Which One is Right for You?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to your individual work style. Some people prefer the chatter of coffee shops and coworking spaces, while others would rather work in complete silence to ensure perfection. This digital nomad has been to over 100 coworking spaces around the world.

Whatever your style, consider the pros and cons of the three most popular digital nomad workspaces today.

  Coworking Benefits

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