Celebrating Fourth Anniversary by Honoring Members

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Alkaloid Networks Fourth Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that four years have already transpired since we made our Alkaloid Networks dream a reality. Naturally, we wouldn’t be celebrating an anniversary without the incredible and vibrant members that make up our community. Both locally based, as well as international thanks to the gig economy and remote working possibilities in our world today, our community continues to grow and flourish every single day.

As part of our anniversary celebration, we’re going to highlight incredible milestones in the last four years, as well as feature some Alkaloid alumni members who gave us their thoughts and feelings on the world of coworking.

In 48 Months, What Have We Done?

Besides the warm, inviting, and innovative atmosphere that we supply to our staff and members here, we have achieved some pretty awesome accomplishments to date:

  • 500 People Strong – In just four-years, over 200 individuals and companies have joined in the Alkaloid family. With 500 members and counting, we can’t wait to meet all of the new thinkers, dreamers, and doers on the Alkaloid horizon.
  • 50% Remote – We are proud to keep up with current trends and make our services accessible to remote workers and digital nomads. That’s why we are so excited to share that 50% of our coworking members access our resources remotely, or through larger organizations.
  • 16 Startup Graduations – At an average of four graduations per year, 16 startups have graduated from our coworking space and moved into their own space due to their increasing success and demand.
  • 60% Collaboration Rate – The world is your oyster, which is why over 60% of our members have collaborated with other companies, all while never leaving the office.

And those are just the stats! We would be remiss if we didn’t highlight our Wellness in the Workplace Partnerships with Yogaworks and Beltline Walk Breaks, our member events feature in which our members can host their own events, and our workshops, launch parties, mentoring programs, and Lunch N Learns.

You can read about the 5th anniversary here.

Alkaloid Alumni Weigh In

So what do our members have to say? We sat down with 3 esteemed alumni and asked them what their time at Alkaloid Networks has meant to them, their business, and their life.

Anu – Chil & Co. – As a founder of a content creation agency, Anu said that the biggest benefit of joining Alkaloid has been the collaboration potential. As he put it, “coworking spaces are great for collaboration and helpful when you need someone to talk to for experience or advice. Not to mention, Alkaloid also provided our team with desks and offices that worked within our startup budget.”

Charles – CW Studios – Working as a TV, film, and animation production specialist based out of Atlanta, Charles used Alkaloid as his base for meeting with new clients and partners. He stated, “Alkaloid set the atmosphere to be interactive and warm, which made all of my clients feel right at home the moment they walked in the door.”

Sunil – Canopy Workforce Solutions – As a master of creating “a single source of data,” Sunil was looking for a coworking space that could support his team, clients, and future dreams. “When you’re surrounded by others who are working hard at realizing their passions, you can latch on to that sense of dedication and push yourself that much harder.”

Wrapping up his chat with our team, Sunil had nothing left to say but “Join Alkaloid.” A humble thank you to everyone who has come along to get us to this anniversary. Let’s see what the future has in store for future anniversaries!

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