Have a Plan: Atlanta Coworking and COVID-19 Exposure Response

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Alkaloid COVID Exposure Situations

As we navigate the COVID-19 world, there are many unknowns. COVID-19 precautions are important. Having a response plan to possible exposure is necessary to return to coworking safely.

In our coworking space, I take our responsibility to our members, their families, and the community very seriously. Members stay informed about precautions to keep you and yours safe.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, action plans have been proactively created should our community have exposure to COVID-19.

Changes in our workspace reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Coworking During COVIDAlkaloid Networks has actively made changes in the coworking space designed to prevent COVID-19 at work. Our community follows new guidelines around social distancing and mask-wearing. New cleaning processes and workspace adjustments were developed based on the CDC guidance specifically for office buildings. We also encouraged a member-led Town Hall to discuss a community commitment to safety and develop a consensus.

A plan to respond to COVID-19 exposure.

We have made all the effort possible to reduce the risk of COVID transmission. There is also the reality that we need to be prepared for worst case scenarios.

Alkaloid Networks has a plan to clearly follow if a member of our community displays COVID-19 symptoms or confirms exposure to the coronavirus. This plan is based on the guidance provided by the CDC and the Georgia Department of Health.

Above is a copy of the COVID Exposure Response Plan for our members and staff.

A plan to care for the community, families, and friends.

This plan builds on the community ethos that we share as a coworking space. Our office safety plan relies on transparency. We also understand that our individual actions can impact our entire community.

I’ve always known that Alkaloid Networks is full of people who “care about you and yours”. I am especially grateful to everyone doing their part to keep our community healthy.

A plan proactively shared to set expectations.

This exposure response plan is known to the community. This was done to set clear expectations. With this plan, there is no confusion on what to do if someone in our community is exposed to COVID-19 or displays symptoms.

A plan shared transparently and openly.

Early this week, I sent out an email to our members. Although there was NO confirmed exposure to any Alkaloid member, over the weekend the children of one of our members were exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19. The member and their team have been vigilant about following the Alkaloid precautions: wear masks, following social distancing. The team did NOT display any symptoms of COVID-19.

I very much appreciated this member quickly informing me of the situation. This member took steps quickly to care for their family, the team, and this community.

In response, our COVID exposure response plan was implemented:

  • This family along with the team got tested on Monday.
  • The team quarantined until testing was completed. After getting results, the situation was reevaluated using our plan.
  • The cleaning crew gave EXTRA attention on their office along with any common areas that may have used by this team.

The members followed the Georgia Department of Health guidance for returning to work. Updates were shared as needed with the coworking community.

Moving forward in coworking spaces.

I share this information because I am committed to transparency. I care about our special community. Our relationships are built around trust.

A plan is key for people returning to coworking spaces safely.

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