WTF is Work-Life Balance?

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Work Life Balance | Alkaloid Networks

We talked about designing your workplace for a healthier life, but what does” work-life balance” really mean when work looks a lot different these days? 

Mental Health Matters

The last few years have been especially hard, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that we’re more anxious than ever these days.

But there’s also a bigger focus on mental health in the workplace. Employers and businesses have shifted away from a “hustle harder” mentality, which comes with the risk of burning out team members. 

In fact, they’re not just burning out, they’re also quitting. “More employees are leaving their jobs for mental health reasons, including those caused by workplace factors like overwhelming and unsustainable work,” according to research from Harvard Business Review.

Healthier workers are happier overall, especially when employers understand and support the well-being of their team members. That kind of support makes for a more sustainable work environment that people will actually want to work in. 

Prioritizing Mental Health at Work

There are a few ways that you can prioritize your own well-being and set boundaries to keep from burning out at work: Schedule breaks during the day, taking weekends off, and saying “no” when you’re overwhelmed are great practices to start with.  

Part of keeping your mental health in check is preventing burnout before it settles in. There are a few symptoms of burnout that you might look for, according to NPR

“​​First, check-in with your body. Are you more tense than usual? Do you lose sleep or not eat as much? Even if you aren’t the person experiencing poor mental health, you can be a good coworker by taking note of the five signs of emotional suffering. 

  • Personality change in a way that seems drastic
  • Agitation or uncharacteristically angry demeanor
  • Withdrawn from social interaction
  • Poor hygiene (substance abuse or physical hygiene)
  • Feelings of hopelessness”

Of course, if you’re struggling or notice someone having a hard time, talk and other types of therapy are recommended.   

Coworking For Your Mental Health

Coworking Connections Members | Alkaloid Networks

At Alkaloid Networks, we encourage our members to prioritize their mental health—we think it’s key for achieving that elusive “work-life balance,” and our space ensures that our members are happy: 

Our 14,000 square feet of workspace provides opportunities for a variety of work styles, whether you need a conference room or private office.

Alkaloid community members are friendly and respectful, whether you want coworkers to mingle with or need your alone time.  

Alkaloid is open when you need it: whether that’s once a week or a regular 9-to-5 schedule.

“I have to be here everyday. I was at home all the time before and finding myself depressed. Coming in gives me the human connection I need to feel happy.” – Alkaloid member Savannah

Providing these kinds of opportunities—and flexibility—is key for today’s worker, according to Harvard. “Employers must change their ways of working to be more sustainable — it’s time. A critical component is providing flexibility, which many workers experienced with remote work for the first time during the pandemic,” write Kelly Greenwood and Julia Anas.

Come see what having a community of coworkers and beautiful, flexible workspace does for your mental health, and stop by sometime.

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