Harrison Holland

SAP HANA & Fiori/UI5 Consultant

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    A great building like ours can only get you so far.
    Each coworking space has its own vibe and Alkaloid is no exception.
    The funky and historic environment, combined with our friendly community managers, help members to interact and build relationships beyond work meetings.
    Alkaloid Networks is a community of diverse individuals.
    Here are some of the great individuals and companies that call Alkaloid home.

    Harrison Holland

    SAP HANA & Fiori/UI5 Consultant

      Matt Schwartz

      Inspry, Founder and Web Developer

        Tasmin Fanning

        Beltline Sport & Spine, Chiropractor and Biomechanical Specialist

          Alkaloid Alumni

          Alkaloid is proud to nurture companies of all sizes. Some have either moved into their own space or been acquired. It is a wonderfully fulfilling experience to see organizations grow and flourish within our community. Read what some of the great companies that we were happy to see grow. And some we continue to enjoy working with each day.

          Grow As We Needed

          Alkaloid gave Radix Health a great environment and incredible flexibility to start small and grow as we needed. The community was a huge bonus. It was always a pleasure to work in that space!

          Arun Mohan Radix Health
          Arun Mohan

          Best Coworking Experience

          My 2+ year experience at Alkaloid has been the best coworking experience I’ve done in Atlanta. This community and the personal touches are special.

          Alkaloid Networks Vignette Berkeley

          Personality and Soul

          Alkaloid is a fantastic place to work! The space is great, Katharine is fantastic, kind and keeps everything running smoothly. I worked at PCM and found the place too corporate, which was exactly what I was trying to avoid. If, like me, you want a place with a personality and soul, Alkaloid is the place for you.

          And the location on the Beltline – do I even have to say it? It’s a joy walking or biking into work, picking up lunch from Ladybird or KSM, and for those rainy days there is ample free parking.

          Working from home with small children was affecting my productivity more than I realized. Working here has made me far more productive, and during these Covid times I feel very safe with how everyone here is the right amount of careful.

          Highly recommended!

          Andrew Beck - Elastic Audio
          Andrew Beck
          Elastic Audio

          Vibe and Price are Right

          Some people really love a 90’s corporate vibe; others feel more productive when surrounded by a faux hunting lodge esthetic and paying $150+ for a mere mailbox. I do not include myself in either one of these groups, which is why I went with Alkaloid when selecting a coworking space. Haven’t regretted it. The price is right, the coffee is good and the owner is very nice; she lets me draw all over the walls.

          Meet An Alkaloid Stephen DeLorme

          Productivity and Quality Work

          I study at a dedicated desk all day. When I need to clear my head, I take a quick walk on the Beltline or work on puzzles at the community table. If I need to meet with study partners, take practice tests or participate in conference calls I am easily able to reserve a conference room.

          Maintaining productivity and quality work are most important for me and most times I am unable to do that working from home. Those that can relate should give coworking spaces a try.

          Everyone here is kind and encouraging. Although studying for my bar exam is mentally exhausting, I couldn’t ask for a better place to spend this time.

          Alkaloid Pam Bratton Georgia Law

          Work Life Balance

          I used the space when I just had to get out of the house for my own mental health as well as when I needed to print documents. Back in 2015, I came to Alkaloid because I found working at home constantly is not healthy for my mental state in terms of work life balance. That is still very true today.

          The down to earth vibe of everybody in the space, the convenient Beltline location and the snacks. And I still gotta have those snacks to fuel my day!

          Alkaloid Member Matt Schwartz Inspry Web Agency