Why Does Mom Love Coworking?

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Mom Loves Coworking | Alkaloid Networks

With mother’s day right around the corner, it felt like it was important to talk about WHY coworking is THE place for many working moms and mompreneurs. I know because I have loads of working mother’s in my coworking community.

And it’s not just my community, coworking has grown immensely among working mothers. As a dynamic group with unique needs, working moms seek spaces that allow them to achieve a balance between their professional and personal lives. Coworking answers this call by offering various benefits catered to help mothers thrive in the workplace, while also being able to attend to their families’ needs.

The rapid rise in coworking spaces specifically for moms can be attributed to several factors. Harvard Business Review highlights that workspaces provide a positive work environment that fosters collaboration, networking, and flexibility. This translates to an environment where they can connect with like-minded professionals, seek advice, and find support.

Another advantage of coworking spaces for working moms is the availability of mother-specific amenities, such as dedicated nursing rooms or onsite childcare options. These ease the transition back to work after having a child. According to The Everymom, these spaces can help combat the loneliness many new mothers experience while navigating the challenges that come after maternity leave such as motherhood and their careers. 

Why Mom Uses A Coworking Space

Flexible Work Environment

Working mothers often need a flexible work environment to accommodate last minute shifts in schedules and responsibilities. Most spaces offer the flexibility to work when it’s most convenient. Many have 24-hour access and are equipped with all the resources we need to be productive. This adaptability empowers new moms to balance professional and personal lives more effectively than a traditional office or working from home.

Childcare Support 

A big challenge for working mothers is finding affordable and reliable childcare. While Alkaloid Networks doesn’t offer on-site assistance, I have a few coworking-owner friends that have tackled the constraints and regulations of on-site childcare. Coworking spaces with childcare available allows mothers to focus on work while knowing their children are in a safe and nurturing environment. Not only does this reduce the stress of finding separate arrangements but also fosters the existing community of like-minded working parents.

Women Love Coworking | Alkaloid Networks

Work-Life Balance

A separate working space help moms maintain a healthy work-life balance. For years before opening Alkaloid Networks, I worked remotely from home. It definitely blurred the lines between my professional and personal life. I knew that I wanted to help local moms (and dads) be part of a community within outside their homes. And I knew it would allow them to establish routines and work patterns that would promote productivity and well-being. 

Cost Savings

Financial considerations are always a concern for working families, and coworking offers a way to minimize expenses while still having access to professional resources. Avoid the costs of leasing a traditional office or setting up a home office. And you have access to ALL the essential equipment like printers, scanners, and high-speed internet, etc. Plus, most spaces typically have a range of membership options, making it easier for parents to find an affordable plan that fits the budget.

Benefits of Coworking for Mothers

Mom and Daughter | Alkaloid Networks

Increased Productivity

When I worked from home, making sure that I was available the meet the bus or make a snack after school was at times tricky. A coworking space would have allowed me to focus on my work leading to increased productivity (which would give me more time for my family!). After school each day, I pretty much wrote off the rest of the afternoon since I knew little work would be done until bedtime. While I treasure the moments with my daughter, having a separate place to go would have helped me find better balance. In the end, the flexibility from coworking empowers moms to choose the work setting that best suits their needs.

Networking and Collaboration

Another significant benefit for mothers in the professional world is networking. Not only to moms have the chance to meet and connect with people from diverse industries and backgrounds. Expanding our network enhances our creativity. Collaborating with others while coworking can also lead to potentially beneficial partnerships and business opportunities.

Sense of Community

One of the most substantial benefits for mothers is the sense of community they foster. Harvard Business Review explains that coworking enables people to feel part of a community, which significantly contributes to job satisfaction and overall well-being. We benefit from the support and camaraderie of like-minded professionals who also juggle work and parenting responsibilities every day.

Work From Home and Coworking Space for Moms

Adapting to Remote Work

As more companies embrace remote and hybrid work, new opportunities arise for working mothers. We have greater flexibility in managing our personal and professional commitments. We can tailor our schedules around important events or dedicate more time to our families, while still maintaining a successful career.

One friend of mine, works at the gym where she can drop her child in daycare for a couple hours. Not exactly the friendliest work environment! In some coworking spaces, where care facilities are available, allowing us to focus on both work and our children more closely. This feature can be especially valuable for mothers who may not have access to reliable daycare options. 

Juggling Personal and Professional Lives

Coworking spaces specifically designed for mothers can make a significant impact on our work-life balance. This community of other working mothers who understand our challenges and provide camaraderie and support. This type of environment can be incredibly valuable in helping us navigate the complex world of work and parenthood.

  • Networking opportunities: Connect with other professional moms who can offer advice, inspiration, or potential business collaborations.
  • Personal growth: Attend workshops and seminars tailored to women’s personal and professional development and parenting topics.
  • Support systems: Find a network of like-minded women who understand the challenges of balancing work and family life.

Overcoming Remote Work Challenges

While remote work can offer greater flexibility and freedom, it can also present challenges such as isolation, lack of structure, and difficulty collaborating with colleagues. A female-focused coworking space can help alleviate these issues by providing a supportive and connected environment with resources tailored toward female entrepreneurs and professionals, as well as mothers.

Being part of a coworking community can help combat feelings of isolation and loneliness by offering a welcoming and inclusive space for us to work alongside fellow working mothers. Additionally, these spaces provide networks of passionate, supportive individuals who are committed to one another’s success.

Coworking For Mom

As many mothers are returning to work, coworking has become an ideal solution for them. These shared workspaces often provide flexibility, networking, and access to resources that cater to the needs of working mothers.

Minnesota-Based Coworking Spaces

In recent years, we have seen the rise of coworking spaces specifically designed for mothers, even here in Minnesota. These spaces focus on providing a supportive environment, childcare services, and a sense of community among working moms.

One such space is The Coven in Minneapolis, which has made it their mission to foster a community for women of diverse backgrounds. They offer amenities like mothers’ rooms, along with professional and personal growth opportunities. This has resulted in creating a safe, inclusive space for working moms to connect and grow.

Another good example of family-friendly coworking spaces in Minnesota is WorkAround, focusing on providing a nurturing environment for parents and their children alike. Here, moms can find dedicated spaces with comfortable seating, lactation rooms, and also childcare services.

The Future of Coworking Spaces and Mothers

Lacation Room for Mom | Alkaloid Networks

Customized Solutions

As the coworking industry evolves, I’ve noticing that more communities are adapting their offerings to cater to specific needs. At the beginning of the pandemic, I created a special membership for working parents so they could get a break from home with a shared desk membership. And while heading the Atlanta Coworking Alliance, I created a program for families seeking school pods to use coworking spaces in their neighborhoods. Solutions like these will continue to make coworking even more attractive.

Expanding Opportunities

With a growth rate of 23% according to JLL, it’s clear that the industry’s growth, customized solutions, and expanding opportunities are creating a more accommodating environment for working moms. While challenges still exist, I’m optimistic about the potential benefits that coworking can offer to mothers as they juggle their professional and personal lives.

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