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Tasmin Fanning Chiropractic

Beltline Sport and Spine Chiropractic has been focusing lately on helping clients deal with the aches and pains that have been caused by the stress and anxiety of working from home. Not to mention, sitting all day at home! Our founder has been fortunate to have Tasmin a part of the coworking community for 4 years. She has magical healing powers! 

Who is your ideal client?

Active people! All age ranges and abilities of active people working to stay active.

What is a common misconception about your industry or work?

Most people think it is all about the crack when it comes to chiropractic. It’s a successful model of care, but I proactively use all the tools at my disposal. Adjusting bones is not my primary goal. I’m low volume and relationship development oriented. We’ll review all about how you’re moving, where you’re not, and finding balance in your activity and life as well.

Breathe by James NestorWhat book should every entrepreneur read?

Not for entrepreneurs (or chiropractic for that matter), but kind of obsessed with Breath by James Nestor. Reading about how proper, specifically, nasal breathing can make a huge positive difference on many aspects of your life and health.

If you’ve been working from Alkaloid Networks during the pandemic, why and/or how are you using the space?

I’ve been so grateful to have Alkaloid remain open through the pandemic (especially for essential workers during the SIP). My clients too! As a doctor of chiropractic, I am considered an essential worker, so I was able to continue to see patients. I was doubly fortunate enough to have a space accommodate that situation safely here at Alkaloid.

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