Meet An Alkaloid: Amelia Shenstone

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Amelia Shenstone Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

Each month, we are delighted to introduce you to one of the members of Alkaloid Networks, a coworking space on the Eastside Atlanta Beltline.

What are you working on right now?

As Regional Advocacy Director at Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, I’m directing a non-profit advocacy campaign to get the nation’s largest public utility to make better energy choices.

Who is your ideal client/target audience?

My work is all about building people power, so we’re always striving to connect people who are impacted by energy choices with each other. That’s everyone from households struggling with bills, to libertarians who want the freedom to choose solar power, to climate change and public health activists.

What is your big picture vision for your business?

Ultimately, we envision the Southeastern US being a leader in bringing US carbon emissions to globally required levels — in a way that creates safe, healthy, prosperous communities for everyone.

What book(s) should every entrepreneur (or everyone) read?

My latest favorite is adrienne marie brown’s Emergent Strategy. I love her emphasis on imagining the world we want to live in, and learning from nature about how to make change.

Why Alkaloid?

Our staff are spread out across several states, so we communicate virtually. I love being around a diverse group of hard-working, productive people every day, rather than working from home alone or even in a small office that’s just us. Plus, the location can’t be beat, and I can’t get enough of the outdoor workspace when the weather’s good!

What advice would you give someone considering coworking?

Do it! Just make sure you get the right setup if you need to be on the phone a lot without disturbing those around you.

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