How Coworking Supports Community AND Family

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May Coworking Community | Alkaloid Networks

Who doesn’t love the month of May?

Mothers Day and Mental Health Awareness are celebrated this month. Both are good reminders of the community of people who take care of us and support us along our journeys.

Coworking spaces have also emerged as a huge support to the moms and other entrepreneurs out there who need a place to grow their business. And perhaps a way to escape the kids every now and then. Here are a few ways it supports them.

Coworking Gives You Community

Coworking gives entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers a built-in community of like-minded individuals working alongside you.

It’s part of what makes spaces like Alkaloid so appealing: the connections. “There is significant evidence that social support and feeling connected can help people maintain a healthy body mass index, control blood sugars, improve cancer survival, decrease cardiovascular mortality, decrease depressive symptoms, mitigate post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms, and improve overall mental health,” according to one study.

And a majority of coworkers (87% according to Harvard Business Review) reported that they joined a coworking space for these connections. At Alkaloid, we offer members a few ways to socialize. With coffee and donuts, an Alkaloid happy hour, or out on our patio.

Coworking Gives You Space

Coworking spaces give parents a place to work and have meetings in a quiet, professional environment. No more interruptions from a toddler while you’re on Zoom!

Coworking spaces also offer more than your local coffeeshop. “It’s so much more convenient than having to bring a computer every day and find a new spot to work,” says one Alkaloid member. “The price is the best in town for what you get and it looks really cool inside. This is perfect for Zoom calls, where everyone compliments me on the awesome space I work in!”

Coworking Gives You a Break

Coworking spaces are usually situated in ideal locations (like Alkaloid on the Atlanta Beltline), which gives members a beautiful escape from the workday.

Having a way to leave your desk and enjoying the outdoors can make a big impact on your mental health! And everyone needs that kind of opportunity to get some fresh air. “Many of the benefits afforded to us by green spaces partially results from more opportunities to be active,” said Michelle Kondo for the U.S. Forest Service. “Being in outdoor green spaces can increase a person’s motivation, too.”

Coworking Gives You Support

Coworking supports the well-being of all of our members. Some coworking spaces even offer child care for members who are parents. “Designed to help tackle the twin problems of escalating childcare costs and sometimes inflexible nurseries, a new breed of coworking spaces where rows of Macs are as ubiquitous as kids’ toys are attracting the interest of the nation’s growing army of freelancers, remote workers and entrepreneurs,” writes Suzanne Bearne for The Guardian.

Other options for parents arose out of the recent pandemic. At Alkaloid, we offered parents the option to share a dedicated desk. This gave busy couples the space to be productive and ensure child care was taken care of while helping them manage their businesses and home life with more ease.

“We were so grateful for Katharine offering parents to share a dedicated desk during the pandemic so Justin and I could take turns being productive and focused”, shares Mala Bhattacharya.

Coworking Gives You Room to Grow

Coworking spaces give busy moms, remote workers, and small business owners a unique and supportive place to grow their businesses. “The pandemic has strengthened the argument for this new type of space, and that the future of work will likely be more accommodating to the needs of working parents,” according to Fast Company.

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