How Do I Love Thee? (A Coworking Love Sonnet)

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Love Coworking at Alkaloid Networks

How do I love thee, coworking? Let me count the ways.
I love thee freely, like the coffee flowing every day.
I love thee strongly: it’s a space I long to stay.
I love thee with passion … I’ll keep going, if I may.

My love for coworking knows no bounds,
Like all of the connections forged here on your grounds.
It amazes me, the opportunities that grow here,
My soul always sings when a coworking space is near.

I love thee, coworking, I’ve learned so much from you:
How to help, how to serve, how to stay true,
All the ways to grow a business … and how to use Zoom.
The lessons I’ve learned could easily fill a room.

Remote workers, freelancers, and small businesses, too:
Without coworking, they would be rather blue.
But your walls are a space they can come home to,
A place to work and grow and play. It’s all true!

I love thee, coworking, for giving me a place
To flourish and to fail, but with a smile on my face.
I love thee, coworking, and your beautiful space,
When it comes to “Why cowork?,” well — I’ll always make a case.

Much gratitude and appreciation to Elizabeth Barrett Browning for inspiring this sonnet.

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