Three Ways that Coworking Inspires Success

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Coworking Motivates

As work-at-home options grow, many of these solopreneurs and remote workers experience loneliness and demotivation. When I worked remotely, I found that I sometimes wished I had people around me who helped me with business advice or just people who I could get inspired from. At home, your family understands you but not always what you are doing.

It isn’t news that belonging to a group has a strong correlation to commitment and motivation at the workplace, directly translating to employee retention, pride, and motivation. Engaged employees are often eager to recommend their organization as a great place to work to their peer group.

How does this relate to coworking since members do not work for one entity?

  1. Consider the lack of politics or internal conflicts

Working in a coworking community, like Alkaloid Networks, allows members the ability to be themselves. There is no need to assemble a work persona to match corporate culture. Being around people that do different kinds of work within different industries makes your own work identity more secure as well as more interesting and unique. And, as Alkaloid member Matt Davis shares, we can all just get along.

  1. Sharing is caring

In a culture where the norm is to help each other, coworking provides numerous opportunities to do so. With a diverse group of workers, coworkers have distinct skills that they can share with other members within the community. Helping someone share tips on how to increase ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ or how to solve a bookkeeping issue, strengthens the bond and fosters solidarity.

  1. Values & Code Of Conduct

The social mission, as stated in the Coworking Manifesto, articulates the values that make coworking the special shift in thinking that it is. The coworking phenomenon, driving the explosive growth of spaces all over the globe, is sustained because we trust: trust in ourselves, trust in each other and trust in the change that we each bring with us each day.

At the end of the day, as well as into the night, a well-cultivated coworking experience allows people to flourish and succeed and at higher levels than office-based employees. The most important thing is that coworkers belong to a space that supports them being their best authentic selves. The result will be to recognize and directly reap the rewards of their success.

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