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Bell Street Burritos | Inman Park

Coworking in an area with a 93 walkability score right on the Eastside Atlanta Beltline, you can bet you’ll be looking for food at some point on foot. With plenty of foodies here at Alkaloid Networks, we’ve had plenty of opportunities to scope out the choices and find our favorite places.

And when we get new members that might not live in the immediate vicinity, we happily share the local spots. Many of the best culinary options near us are small, locally-owned restaurants. In fact, we frequently get treats from them for our community events.

See the results of our vote for the best (according to Alkaloid members) places to get coffee, food and drinks nearby.

Favorite Coffee Shops

Just Add Honey

Just Add Honey | Old Fourth Ward

The top of our list belongs to our next door neighbor, Just Add Honey. While their brand is all about the teas, their coffee and coffee drinks suit us just fine. Although, they aren’t open on Monday which makes us sad sometimes.

Revolution Doughnuts

You might be going in for coffee (which comes from local roasters Cafe Campesino Coffee and Counter Culture Coffee), we guarantee you’ll come out with one of the incredible creations that Revolution Doughnuts is know for in these parts.

Yay Beignet

Our newest neighbor, Yay Beignet, serves Ethiopia’s Finest Gourmet Coffee and we quite agree. Of course, we never manage to make it out the door without one of their perfect beignets. Warm & crisp on the outside while being light & soft on the inside. We love ’em!

Favorite Lunchtime Spot

Bell Street Burritos

Opening it’s first location in 2010, Bell Street Burritos have major street cred being named the “Best Burrito” by Creative Loafing, Atlanta Magazine and the AJC. And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, USA Today named it one of the top 10 burrito spots in America.

We love our local burrito place for the fresh ingredients, chart-topping guacamole along with each being made-to-order on the spot. Be sure to go on a Friday to get the once-a-week homemade tamales.

Julianna’s Crepes

One of my personal favorites, and just around the corner from my home, is Julianna’s Crepes. After opening on the Inman Park Festival weekend in 2013 (talk about trial by fire), Julianna’s continues to deliver enormous crepes filled with the best ingredients. We are partial to the savory crepes for lunch and even have the owner treat us with fresh crepes (including the sweet ones) at our monthly breakfast.

Victory Sandwich Bar

Looking for a REALLY inexpensive lunch? Just head over to Victory Sandwich Bar. Almost hiding on a quiet street in Inman Park, you’ll find globally inspired sandwiches, adult slushies and ping-pong. Food! Booze! Calamity!

Highland Bakery | Old Fourth Ward

Honorable Mentions and More!

  1. Highland Bakery
  2. Varuni Napoli
  3. Pho Nam
  4. Nina and Rafi’s
  5. Yalla!
  6. Lotta Frutta

Favorite After Work Hangout

A three way tie!

Hop City

We love that there are so many local and rare craft brews to choose from at Hop City (with plenty on tap). And it’s not all about beer since they host wine tastings. After enjoying an end-of-the-day libation with your coworkers, you can take home growlers, wine and ciders too.

Ladybird Grove and Mess Hall

Being a one-minute walk away, it’s tough to beat the locale of Ladybird Grove and Mess Hall. Since Ladybird opened around the same time as Alkaloid, it’s been fun to watch them grow and become THE spot to be on a sunny afternoon (with music now too). And when the end of the day approaches, we can’t resist one of the local brews or patio punch (think an adult version of a Capri Sun).

Ticonderoga Club | Inman Park

Ticonderoga Club

If you aren’t careful, you might miss the Ticonderoga Club tucked away in the back of Krog Street Market. The colonial era–inspired tavern introduced the Ticon-To-Go at the beginning of the pandemic. The cocktails and food have garnered plenty of city-wide and national attention.

Come and meet some of the foodies that are part of our coworking community!

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