Coworking Community Gives Thanks

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Coworking Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving taking place across the country this week, the community at Alkaloid Networks got together to reflect on how thankful we are for our coworking family. We believe that collaboration is the key to an innovative and inclusive future, which is why we all do everything in our power to help each other collaborate around our community.

Our members chatted and they shared firsthand about their experience in the coworking space. Dialogue is key to a productive and inclusive future. Our community members got together and told us what they’re thankful for:

Space to Succeed:

Alkaloid Networks provides us with a place where we can flourish. With access to everything we need to make our ideas a reality, including teammates and other people that will inspire us to be the very best we can be. It’s a space where we can be ourselves and really put our own thoughts and ideas into action.

Responsive Community:

For us, we believe that kindness, compassion, understanding, and collaboration are critical to the functioning of our coworking space. That’s why we love the community of respectful, hard-working, and light-hearted people all around us each day, making it easier for us to focus and grow in our setting.

Coworking ThanksgivingJoyous Welcome:

No one likes to be new. It’s stressful, scary, and overwhelming. When we start somewhere as the new person, we know we’re missing out on norms, pre-established friend circles, and other customs we’re going to learn the hard way. Well, there is no hard way at Alkaloid Networks. There’s just an overwhelming outpour of welcome and reception when you join. We all understand being “new” better than anyone – we are the dreamers, doers, and inventors, after all.

Fun for Everyone:

It’s not all work, all the time. Our brains need a little down time every now and then. That’s why the community activities, like puzzles, networking events, and holiday parties make it feel like home. It’s a great way to unwind and learn about other projects, new perspectives, or other people that could be an asset to our team. Plus, it’s just an easy way to make some new friends, and realize that life isn’t all about business.

Coworking ThanksgivingHealthy Fuel:

You are what you eat! That couldn’t be more true, which is why the free treats and healthy foods at Alkaloid Networks makes it easy to nourish our brains and get our projects done. It’s the energy boost we all need to make it to the end of our days.

 We’re giving thanks today for the supportive community we’ve cultivated here at Alkaloid Networks. It’s about more than the businesses within our walls; it’s about family.

That is exactly what everyone here aims to provide every day. If you’re looking for a place to establish a business, freelance, run a startup, or work on an idea, we’re here waiting for you with open arms.

Have a happy thanksgiving, everyone!


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