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Alkaloid Networks Vignette Berkeley

Each month, we are delighted to introduce you to one of the members of the Alkaloid Networks community, a coworking space on the Eastside Atlanta Beltline.

What are you working on right now?

I’m working as the Advisor to the CEO at Humana. I’m focused on clarity – being clear about what customers can expect from us and ensuring our business is set up to execute on those commitments flawlessly.

I am also curious about everything! I spend time helping friends and family understand and make decisions about new business venturers and improving operations of current ones. I’ll eventually decide how to turn this into a business of my own.

Who is your target audience?

Our business is mostly through Medicare. We believe that our healthcare products are incredibly valuable across a range of populations and serve most users of health insurance. And that healthcare requires more than payment. We built and continue to optimize other types of care – clinics, clinician services, home based care, etc. We’re learning how to merge personal relationships and technology to improve delivery.

My personal business is centered in music, fashion, and women’s health and beauty products.

What is a common misconception about your industry or work?

Humana is looking to eliminate care to save money. Nope, that’s not it. When doctor’s get access to the research and analytics that we can provide, they tend to agree. Our work is about empowering clinicians with information. They can then match their personal knowledge about the patient to help them decide on the best care. In addition to information, we bolster networks, invest in early stage programs, and gather resources together to make all of it easier. Not to mention ensuring that paying for that healthcare is as simple as possible.

Alkaloid Networks Community Vignette BerkeleyWhat is your big picture vision for your business?

My big picture vision for the healthcare business is making it easy to be healthy. Humana puts the power of information in the patients hands and make healthcare as easy as ordering lightbulbs on Amazon to find the support they need. Along with ensuring that the clinicians who make all of this run find joy and fulfillment in the process.

For this new business that I’ll eventually launch? I want to make its easy for people with amazing ideas to get into market and flourish.

What is your superpower?

I can see the gears of the machine. I can quickly identify the parts that are probably causing any issue. And I’m good enough with people to rally support needed to test out some solutions.

What is your favorite business or productivity tool?

Trello. It’s got all of my lists. When I can’t remember something – a recipe, a book title, my goals for the month – I’ve usually tracked them somewhere on a board.

What book(s) should everyone read?

Just read. All of the time. The last books I read that are burned in my brain are Bob Iger‘s biography which focuses on perseverance and choices. The Color of Money by Baradaran, which drives home the point that systems work as they’re designed.

Why Alkaloid?

My 2+ year experience at Alkaloid has been the best coworking I’ve done in Atlanta. I’ve tried 5 other spaces over 6 years. This place is the best because the owner is here and engages challenges immediately. The people who work here do a variety of things and don’t stay quiet or isolate themselves from the rest of the community. My office is bigger than a broom closet and I can do all of the things that make Eastside Beltline life amazing without having to pay to live here.

Why do you stay at Alkaloid?

I chose Alkaloid for the location and the showers. I stay because Katharine has created a community that stands out in the Atlanta coworking market. The personal touch she provides, the community, and the safety and security of this place in a pandemic are special.

What is your favorite amenity at Alkaloid?

Favorite amenity? The fully locked doors. I tend to work late and early and knowing that access is only given to other members is huge. The unlimited conference room access is a big plus. When I was a new mom that needed to pump, having one of the conference rooms double as a private room for this purpose was a lifesaver. As a professional who has meetings change daily, the flexibility to only have to consider sharing the conference rooms with the rest of the community and not some random rules and fees is awesome.

You’ve been working from Alkaloid all through the pandemic, how are you using the space?

I am here most days and have been fortunate enough to afford an office. My employer understands that this is how I stay productive. Especially since I’m already tired of being in my house for everything else.

What advice would you give someone considering coworking?

Do it. Get out of the house. Stop spending an hour in your car on the way to and from work. Meet some people in the community. Get out for some air on the Beltline when you’re starting to go crazy. DO IT!

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